Donald Trump is President!! (Nov 9th 2016)

Donald Trump is president!
So when Trump first announced he was going to run for president, it was like the start of a bad joke. Now he has been voted in, the joke is long over and it’s not funny. People’s lives are in danger.

I am not a worrier, I never have been. I am well aware of the dangers we humans face, from natural disaster, animals and worse each other. But I have never honestly worried for the lives of my loved ones. My mother has had cancer twice, both times I was scared but I didn’t think her life going to end. I have spoken to many suicidal people but always believed if they have at least me to talk to I can try to keep them safe.

I have never been truly worried for a loved ones life. Until today. Until Donald Trump became president. Until 57 million Americans voted in a sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist bigot into power.
Today I am worried about the lives  thousands of my brother and sister in the lgbti+ community. For the lives of thousands of black Americans. For the lives of every none white, christian that lives in America. But specifically I worry about my kid brother, a young black trans kid. Who now feels scared in this own country. 
I don’t know what the next 4 years will bring but I do know I will spend every day of it worrying. I will spend every night wishing that I don’t wake up to news of hate killings or war. I will spend every morning searching the internet to make sure no one was hurt as I slept. I will spend every single minutes of the next 4 years worrying about my brother. Worrying every time I wait for a reply he is hurt. Worrying every time he goes outside. 

I don’t know what the next 4 years will bring but I do know I will do anything to protect my brother, I will help my country in the fight to stop Trump, if it should come to that. I will arm myself and fight on the battlefields should it come to that. 
We as the rest of the world can not sit by and let this happen. We have done it too many times in the past and do not need to repeat those times. 
We do it now with isis, when we should fight to protect. 
We can not sit by and let Trump start civil war, or ww3.

We must act where America has failed to and help those who need it.

To everyone scared today please be careful. 
K, please be careful. I love you man 

-Honest Trans Guy


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