Transgender day of remembrance (Nov 20th)

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance!Since the start of 2016, 37 transgender people have been MURDERED, (well 37 murders have been reported) around the world, one right here in the UK.

That is 37 people murdered for being who they are. These 37 deaths also doesn’t included people who have killed themselves, or those attacked but not murdered. People talk about which bathroom trans* people should use; if they should get help having children; if we should be allowed to change our legal gender. Maybe we should be talking about the number of trans* people getting murder or killing themselves.

37 transgender people where murdered around the world in 2016. 37 people just like ME! 37 people who deserved the world to care, to be outraged. But it isn’t, far to many people don’t care and will read this and get on with their lives. Well 100s of trans* people can’t because we are murdered and not enough people care. Well I care! I care not just because I’m trans* or because my friends are. But because it’s the right thing to do. We should always be outraged when someone is murders.

37 people! Rest In Power to all trans people murdered or bullied into suicide ❤

-Honest Trans Guy


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