Transgender day of remembrance (Nov 20th)

Names of the 37 murdered Trans* people.
•Alisha, 23 – Pakistan. Shot seven times, hospital spent an hour deciding if she should be placed in the male or female ward.

•Hande Kader, 22 -Turkey. Raped and burned alive

•Tara, 28 – India. Burned alive, allegedly assaulted by police twice the day before her murder

•Nadine Stransen, age unknown, – Australia

•Niurkeli, 33 – France. Strangled and burnt

• William Lound, 30 – England. Stabbed multiple times

•Lorena F Zaratevilcas, 53, France. Shot dead

•Monica Pineda Rivera, age unknown – Mexico

•Monica Loera, 43 – USA. Shot dead. Misgendered by police and media

•Jasmine Sierra, 52 – USA. Misgendered by media and police

•Kayden Clarke, 24 – USA. Shot by police. Misgendered by media and police

•Veronica Banks, age unknown – USA

•Maya Young, 25 – USA

•Demarkis Stansberry, 30 – USA. Misgendered by media

•Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson, 16 – USA

•Kourtney Yochum, 32 – USA

•Shante Thompson, 34 – USA

•Keyonna Blakeney, 22 – USA

•Reese Walker, 32 – USA

•Mercedes Successful, 32 – USA

•Amos Beede, 38 – USA. Homeless transgender male beaten to death

•Goddess Diamond, 20 – USA. Found burned in her car.

•Deeniqua Dodds, 22 – USA

•Dee Whigham, 25 – USA. A nurse stabbed suspect is a navy trainee

•Skye Mockabee, 22 – USA. Misgendered by police

•Erykah/Erica Tijerina, 36 – USA

•Rae’Lynn Thomas, 28 – USA. Her murder was no investigated as a hate crime, as Ohio law doesn’t cover gender identity.

•T.T Saffore, 26/27 – USA. Misgendered by media.

•Crystal Edmond, 32 – USA

•Jazz Alford, 30 – USA. Misgendered by media and police until her sister (also transgender) corrected the records.

•Brandi Bledsoe, 32 – USA

•Sierra/Simon Bush, 18 – USA

•Noony Norwood, 30 – USA

•Barbie Ann Reilly, 23 – Philippines. Murdered by her partner

•Nathallya Figueiredo, 25 – Brazil

•Bie/Bianca Abravanel, 25 – Brazil. Shot 15 times.

•T.E de M. Geremias, 37 – Brazil

•Paula, age unknown -Brazil

•Jessica Mendez Cavalcanti, 24 – Brazil. Stabbed, her killers admitted her gender identity was the motive.

•Luana Biersack, 14 – Brazil. Luana has reported being threatened by someone. She is the youngest victim this year.

•Leticia B. da Silva, 32 – Brazil
Of these 37 people; 31 were trans* women, 18 were people of colour; 25 murders took place in USA and at least 8 where misgendered by police and media.

Rest in power angels 👼

-Honest Trans Guy


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