First Nebido injection (Dec 2nd 2016)

So 257 days after starting testogel, I had my first nebido injection. I will now slowly phase out the testogel, which will take about 3 weeks. Nebido comes in a small jar measuring 4ml. It has to be warmed because its injected as it is oily. It is an intramuscular injection, injected in the top of the bum.

So the appointment itself, my wife and I went in, pretty routine nurse warmed the testosterone up in her hand. She pulled it into the needle, my wife told me the needle is about 2 inches 😷. I lay down on the bed with jeans and trousers pulled down. The nurse then injected the nebido, over 30-1 minute. And that was it, next one in 3 months.

Okay so important thing, pain. Everything about the injection was painful, I could feel the needle and the testosterone bring injected. Then for the rest of the day I could the the testosterone spreading through my leg. The inside of my bum and leg were freezing all day, hot water bottle helped a lot. At one point I was sick with pain. Pain lasted all today, by following morning it was gone thankfully. Hopeful next one is not as bad.
-Honest Trans Guy