Sexuality and Being Perceive as gay. (Jan 13th 2017)

Coming out as transgender at 21 meant that I had already lived all that time as a cisgender female, being raised as a female and following stereotypes that the world puts on females. That means that I have many of the mannerisms associated with females, I use my hands when I talk, I find little animals cute etc. This means since coming out and starting to pass more and be seen as a cisgender male by most strangers now, those mannerisms mean people perceive me as gay. This Perception doesn’t bother me, I don’t see being gay as a negative thing and I am happy enough for people to assume whatever they want.
I have been told multiple times that I come across as gay, or that I should act differently because I could be perceived as gay. That to me is stupid, is isn’t an insult to be assumed as gay so why should I go out of my way to make sure everyone knows I’m not, it’s ridiculous. I am secure in my sexuality, I make no secret of the fact that I am happily married and that is enough for me.
I consider myself a Queer person, I am a man married to a woman however I would be open to a relationship with people of any gender in the future should my married not work out (however unlikely I feel that idea maybe. It isn’t important for me for everyone to know my sexuality as I think it is a very small part of who I am and as long as the people that matter know, it is no-one else’s business.
-Honest Trans Guy
Queer defined; 1) an umbrella term used to define the entire LGBT+ community. 2) An alternative word some use to in place of labels such as lesbian, gay etc.
—It is important to remember that some people find the word offensive.

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