Worst Changed since starting testosterone (3rd Feb 2017)

When transgender males (well most transgender males, some do not or cannot) go on testosterone it put our bodies through a second puberty. This means that all the things cisgender males go through as teenagers we go through, for example acne, voice deepening and facial hair. There are changes that trans guy look forward to when we start testosterone things such as voice change or facial hair growth. There are also a lot of other changes that the community as a whole doesn’t even talk about and that aren’t so fun. Personally I have experienced a few different changes I would have rather not. The worst changes I have experienced on testosterone would be hunger and smell.
-Hunger, since starting testosterone I have been hungry all the time! It isn’t just normal hunger though, when I started testosterone I was just hungry all the time, no matter how much I ate, it was very annoying. Now 10 months on testosterone it has changed instead of being hungry all the time now I can go hours without being hungry and then suddenly I will feel sick with hunger out of the blue.
-Smell, since starting testosterone my body odour has changed, it is now stronger and muskier. It isn’t a big deal as it is controlled with using more deodorant but it is still an annoying changed that I would have rather not gone through.
That said the worst change of transitioning since going on testosterone so far for me, without doubt has been dysphoria. Since starting testosterone in March 2015 my dysphoria has gotten both worse and better. Dysphoria for things such as passing, my voice and body/facial hair have decreased as testosterone has masculinised thing within my body, my voice has gotten deepen, I have body hair everywhere and I pass in public almost 100% of the time now.  However my chest and ‘private parts’ dysphoria has gotten worse, which make my depression worse as well.

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