Using public bathrooms (Sunday 5th March 2017)

I am 11 months on testosterone and still rarely use public male bathrooms. I didn’t use a male bathroom till I was already almost 9 months on testosterone because I was worried that I would be harassed, I have spoken to people around the world, including inside the UK who have been verbally and physically harassed when using the male bathroom because the cis males inside don’t think they are male. Honestly even pre-t I tried not to use public bathrooms full stop. The times I have used male toilets they are been empty, the first time that was purpose it was a way to be able to use the male toilet but do it whilst ensuring that I was safe. I try and push myself to use them whenever I am out, if I can’t I never use the female bathroom, I use a gender neutral bathroom. After top surgery I have promised myself to only use male bathrooms, to build my confidence so it becomes second nature.  


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