Life update… (May 18th 2017)

Okay so it’s been almost 2 months since I posted and it’s been a crazy/busy time.
Firstly I’ve had my 5th appointment with my gender clinic. It was pretty quick and simple, basically they just checked my testosterone levels and that was it. My levels are still low which sucks, so my dose might be upped after my next appointment, which will be in the next few months. In terms of transition not much has changed honestly, I passed 1 year on T, my voice continues to drop and facial hair continues to come in – which is my favourite change.

In other areas of my life there have been other dramas and changes. At the beginning of March, I suffered from an abscess which landed my in hospital for the day. That took a toll on my body pretty badly, I suffer from Anaemia so the blood loss from my abscess caused my anaemia to come back big time, thankfully I am on meds for that now. Thankfully that was the only thing to physically affect me.

My dog however had to have emergency surgery and has suffered some post op infections so the last few weeks have been very on edge. Thankfully latest vet update seems to suggest she is finally getting better. ❤

Lastly and most importantly, like I have mentioned before my wife and I would love to have a child(ren) together. Well recently we started to make plans to finally get the ball rolling on that. Well unfortunately that hasn’t really gone to plan. Obviously being trans and her being cis female, we don’t have any sperm between us so we know we would need some sort of medical help for that, which is fine. However recently it is starting to look like my wife may not produce eggs. On advice of specialist, she has been taking ovulation tests for the past 6 months – worryingly they have all come out negative (She had been taking them every single day to make sure that she didn’t miss a positive mark – which makes it even worse honest.) We have an appointment to see out normal doctor, to get referred for test to see if there is a fertility problem or not. It has been an extremely stressful time for the both of us, especially for my wife – who is feeling like her body has completely let her down.
A long time ago, before transition, we agreed not to use any of my reproductive stuff because of health issues that run in my family. So we already declined the idea of freezing my eggs because we knew there was a good chance any child could end up with the family issues.  So now we are talking about all the possible outcomes, if we want to look into ivf or adoption. Even the possibility of just not having children – which is very difficult.

So my life has been stressful and in limbo but hopefully these tests will help us – or at least give us answers. And my dog will get back to her own self too.


-Honest Trans Guy


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